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Today marks an historical day for Greece, and for Democracy everywhere as Greek court rules the neo-facist party Golden Dawn a criminal organization.

Pavlos Fyssas was a Greek musician whose songs reflected anti-fascist convictions. He had been threatened multiple times yet remained steadfast in creating and performing his music. His murder in 2013, by a member of the Golden Dawn party accompanied by a substantial supporting crowd, stood as a starting point in shedding light on the criminal activities of Golden Dawn.

Υears after the trial began, this Wednesday morning, the Greek Court found Golden Dawn guilty of running a criminal organization.

People everywhere find this day to be a win for Democracy as well as for all those who suffered violence from members and supporters of the far-right party. To musicians and artists, in particular, it also marks the day of justice for a lost artist who refused to give up his right for expression seven years after his violent death.

May he and all other victims rest in peace, and may all of us left behind remember Pavlos’ and other artists’ sacrifices, and always strive to support human rights, art, and expression.

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*Featured photo is not our own. It was taken during a performance. Authored by Λιάκος Γιάννης, also featured on CNN.

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