Announcing: ZAZ10TS Presents “The Meeting of the Horse,” by Eleni Giannopoulou & Tania Reza

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of The Meeting of the Horse by Eleni Giannopoulou and Tania Reza at ZAZ10TS gallery, on October 16th. The exhibition will present an immersive installation of theatrical sculptures/costumes addressing the symbolism of the Horse by Greek artist Eleni Giannopoulou, in dialogue with the homonymous video installation created by Giannopoulou in collaboration with Mexican artist Tania Reza. For the production of this piece the artists worked with an all-female, Mexican crew of artists and cinema professionals standing with and in support of feminist movements currently fighting for women’s rights in Mexico.

The exhibition is deeply vulnerable, direct, and provocative in the best of ways. It comes at a timely moment in history offering insight, and a perfect opportunity for introspection and dialogue.
Read below, the official Press Release:

ZAZ10TS Presents “The Meeting of the Horse”
by Eleni Giannopoulou & Tania Reza
October 16th – 30th, 2020

ZAZ10TS gallery is pleased to present The Meeting of the Horse. An immersive installation of theatrical sculptures/costumes that present a woman’s (the artist’s) meeting with the symbol of The Horse by Greek Artist Eleni Giannopoulou in dialogue with a video installation of the same title created by Giannopoulou in collaboration with the Mexican artist Tania Reza. The installation simulates the same meeting taking place in a cinematographic alternate universe where Giannopoulou is filmed wearing and holding her sculptures.

Photo from the shooting day by Gina Herrera, courtesy of the artists.

The Meeting of the Horse is an unconventional theatrical presentation of one of the scenes from Giannopoulou’s unreleased A Play about Rape. The scene is an autobiographical symbolic meeting of the Artist with her Trojan horse. A coming of age moment where she soberly faces and celebrates her sexuality, perverted history, and identifies the trauma that has been manifested into her sexual encounters of the past.

The sculptures are costumes, almost like ceremonial artifacts that are meant to remain empty, holding an open space for the artist and all survivors that have the need to face the reality around their rape.

Beast, Pet, Masculine, Father, Lover, the Horse sculpture is a playful friend, dark and erotic full of miniature scenes, myths, and stories that are hidden in his guts. A real Trojan Horse. Colorful moments, cotton candy, and embroidery are camouflaging the artist’s agony to comprehend the darkness of being raised a woman.

Horse, Pet, Beast, Father Sculpture, Eleni Giannopoulou, 2020. Detail photo by Maxim Ryazansky.
Photo provided, courtesy of the artist.

In Reza’s video the artist faces the symbol of a male horse, a stallion, by looking at a little sculpture in the eyes that fits right into her hand while being on a horse herself. It’s a gift that she struggles to understand. A horse has been a symbol of masculinity, western colonial power, and oppression. The knight that comes to the supposed “rescue” of women and natives is always on a horse.

The two artists are interested in changing the western patriarchal model of this symbol and are attempting to return it in their own service. Accepting the sexuality it holds, without fearing the objectification of the rider in the video. 

Giannopoulou is wearing an armor made of little, sculpted by hand, animal symbols searching for power in the ancient legends that always connected women to the world of beasts and spirits by creating sacred treaties on which the tribes relied upon.

Reza and Giannopoulou choose to collaborate with an all-female and Mexican crew of artists and cinema professionals in an effort to honor and stand in solidarity with the powerful feminist movements that are currently fighting for women’s rights in Mexico.

Still from the video installation The Meeting of the Horse, Eleni Giannopoulou and Tania Reza, 2020.
Photo courtesy of the artists.

The artists:

Eleni Giannopoulou (b. 1994, Greece) is a Greek sculptor and installation artist. A native of Thessaloniki and Crete, she studied at the Angel Academy of Art in Italy before receiving an MFA at the New York Academy of Art. In 2014, she won first prize in the Art Renewal Center International Scholarship competition. She is a three-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant and a recipient of the Panepinto Family Foundation Scholarship and the David Kratz and Gregory Unis Scholarship. She has also been awarded with the Chubb Fellowship from the New York Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited in Florence, Miami, Toronto, New York, Mexico City, and Athens. She is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Tania Reza (b. 1991, Mexico) is a Mexican Video Artist and Dancer.  She has a degree in Contemporary Dance and a postgraduate degree in Art and Technology Mediation by UNAM. She has won the National Young Art Award with a video of her series People Doing Things and the National Experimental Video Award. She was also a winner of FONCA 2017-2018 in the New Technology category. She was a resident artist of Francisco Toledo’s CaSa Oaxaca, as part of the Screen Dance and Expanded Scene lab in the USSR studio in México City, and in the Experimental Video Biennial in Chile. Her work is part of the DanceFilm Collection of the National Art Network and her last exhibition was in Salón ACME 2020.

The space:

ZAZ10TS is an ongoing cultural initiative that integrates art into the office building at 10 Times Square. Conceived by Tzili Charney, the ZAZ10TS gallery space employs the building’s façade, LED billboard, lobby interior, and immediate environment to bring art and culture to the building’s community, visitors, and passersby. ZAZ10TS takes pride in scouting and showcasing the gamut of talent ranging from established artists to young and emerging talent, as well as special needs artists, as part of its programming. In addition, ZAZ10TS partners with other organizations nationally and internationally to support art. For more info visit:

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