Opening Tonight! In(de)finite Selfhoods

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Tonight, Citronne Gallery on Poros Island will open its doors for the exhibition In(de)finite Selfhoods curated by Léllé Demertzi.

This group exhibition will include works by

Chiderah Bosah |  Panos Charalampous |  Léllé Demertzi  | Nicole Economides |  Panos Famelis |  Courage Hunke | Cédric Kouamé |  Alekos Kyrarinis |  Ebenezer Nana Bruce |  Dessislava Terzieva |  Adonis Volanakis | Kwaku Yaro

Installation photo.
Courtesy of CITRONNE Gallery; copyright, and image credits to Thanos Despotopoulos.


The swift progress of technology as a trademark of our time has gone beyond facilitating communication to a de facto abolishment of borders and the annihilation of distances. Ideas, people, and goods, tangible or intangible, travel freely and bring closer together all of humankind’s aspects and traditions.

At the other end of this leveling -globalizing- development, individual places put up their defense. They act variously with resistance in an attempt to preserve traditions, identities, and the systems of values that have marked and determined the major or latent histories of each region.
It is this spirit, this differentiated view of the world that CITRONNE Gallery wishes to showcase. The exhibition “Proximities and Distances” brings onto the artistic scene a multiple reading of the world. The continents are distinct but come together in the context of art—which, in any case, transcends by definition the perceptible world. 

In the works on show, visitors can observe these ‘local’ viewpoints. The works span within a broad spectrum, from a figurative to an abstractive approach to History and its interpretation. The selective images of the artists feature the memories of the place, either as origins and distant references or as continuous experiences.

The curator of the show L. Demertzi notes “Uniting the local and the global, identity emerges as a palimpsest of both worlds, inhabiting their in-between space. It is proposed that identity is constantly in flux, shaping and being shaped by our positioning within the world. Aspiring to decipher the realms of our contemporary “glocal” collectivity, the exhibition assembles artworks in a variety of media spanning from painting to photography and installations, emphasizes the resonances of experience, and celebrates the divergences and dissents of different cultures, geographical locations, singularities, and artistic practices.

The coexistence of these works does not necessarily create a synthesis. What it does generate is the strong and clear impression of a world in which the artistic gaze has the license and the power to synthesize the present without betraying the past; to unify space without erasing its special character.

State of being, 2019, Oil on canvas and bricks.
Image copyright of Nicole Economides 2021.
Sponsored by Hellenic Seaways

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