Welcome to peri-Tēchnes! This website is dedicated to interdisciplinary and cross-temporal art practices. Most importantly, it seeks to bring you in contact with the intriguing and bustling art scene in Greece and the work of incredible artists from across the seas.


About the Editor

Tiffany is a New York-based curator, writer, and consultant chiefly on matters of cross-temporal and interdisciplinary art practices. Trained in Architecture at the Polytechnic University in Greece, and in History of Art at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts, New York, Tiffany utilized her experiences living and studying in Greece and New York to specialize in mapping connections between past and contemporary artistic practices focusing particularly on sensual effects within designed spaces through media, curatorial practice, research, writing and teaching.

Tiffany is currently acting as a research assistant and independent curator having completed her Master’s thesis at the Institute and having worked as a graduate and research assistant within NYU Art History. She has lived and worked in both Greece, and the United States where she collaborated with contemporary artists in Athens, Patras and New York. She has also held positions within The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as The Drawing Center. Her experiences range from museum communications and community outreach to curatorial research and practice.

Tiffany’s writing has been published in a number of art related websites and conferences. 


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