Welcome to peri-Tēchnes, an art and design platform that seeks to bring you in contact with the intriguing and bustling creative scene in Greece while simultaneously drawing connections with its counterpart in the US! Our goal is to bring you in closer contact with the work of some remarkable artists, printmakers, and designers with Greek roots or influences, from the US as well as from across the pond.

On our website, you can read exciting news, artist features, interviews, as well as exhibition and cultural event reviews. As of recently, you can also view available works created by artists from our growing roster. At peri-Tēchnes we want to make the art world more accessible to everyone. Here, aspiring collectors can connect directly with artists! 

Our Team
Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief

Tiffany Apostolou is a New York-based Digital Product Designer and curator. Trained in design and architecture at the Polytechnic University in Greece, and in art history at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts, New York, Tiffany utilizes her diverse experience to bring you content in interdisciplinary and cross-temporal creative practices focusing particularly on sensorial effects within designed experiences.

Tiffany is currently a Digital Product Designer based in New York and an independent curator. She has lived and worked in both Greece and the United States where she collaborated with contemporary artists in Athens, Patras, and New York. She has also held positions within Gagosian Gallery, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Drawing Center and Hawthorne Fine Art, and ARCAthens.

Web Development
Constantine Markos, a New York native, is a talented Software Engineer. He is currently also a member of Greektech and our very own CTO and the mastermind behind new website pages.

Contributing Writers
peri-Tēchnes features articles by guest writers spanning from art historians, artists, and curators.

Jennifer Contreras
Art Historian and critic who also dapples in the world of wellness and fitness, Jennifer Contreras has steeped her life and research in contemporary artistic practices. Jen received her Master’s from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, and has worked in both management and commercial galleries drawing a complex, in-depth and interdisciplinary range of experience in both fields.

Nicole Economides
Nicole is a practicing artist and art historian, and also works as an archivist at Gagosian Gallery, New York. She has a BFA from the University of Ioannina, Greece and MFA from Parsons, The New School, New York. Her work reflects on the appropriation of Greek antiquity in Western culture and it’s romanticization throughout art history. Nicole splits her time between New York and Greece where she paints and participates in exhibitions and fairs.

Natalia Almonte
Natalia Almonte is an artist born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Almonte’s practice questions the authority of language and the power of verbal manipulation, a reality faced by colonial entities that seldom dictate their own story and are subject to the mercy of the empire’s archives. She considers that the subjective testimonial reveals more about the true repercussions of our sociopolitical climate than “official” documentation. Her work has been shown in galleries such as Smack Mellon in New York City and ÁREA: Lugar de Proyectos in Puerto Rico. The artist has an upcoming solo exhibition in Das Schaufenster in Seattle, as well as 2021 residencies in Mexico and France. 

Irini Zervas
Art writer, researcher, and copy-editor, Irini Zervas draws from a wide range of experiences in the art field. Her added experience in fundraising and development informs her understanding of the market as it develops for non-profits.