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We are pleased to share that a work by our very own Nicole Economides was on view at

Getting out of Zola, Curated by Katerina Botsari.

The artwork:

The title of the work is Easter in Brooklyn and consists of three silkscreen prints on paper, 50 x 35 cm (each) in an edition of 4

Easter in Brooklyn (2021) speaks to the heterotypic spaces, as are described by Michel Foucault in his lecture Of Other Spaces, that are created by the migrant family groups. Taking into consideration the ‘exotification’ of the destination and the demystification of reality. This work is a continuation of the site-specific installation “dys/u\topia” presented as part of Materia Prima, a project founded by Katerina Botsari in August 2021 on the island of Cephalonia. 

A little more about the exhibition itself:

In August 2021 the participating artists were in the area of Paliki Kefalonia just outside Zola to investigate the possibility of exploiting a wandering practice around an abandoned scaffolding that was anarchically placed on an inaccessible hill far enough away from Argostoli provincial road.

Concluding their search, a week later, on August 30, an on-site presentation of their experiments to date took place. The spontaneous event had a highly situational character and a risky projection installation on the scaffolding at sunset.

However, as the experiments were further elaborated in the months that followed, a new appointment was made to study how the changes in the personal time and place of each of them affected the dialogue between them. So looking at the 7 thoughts on the issues of wandering and having now moved away from Zola, the narrative is enriched but does not diverge and the relations between them remain subversively complementary.

Participating artists: Lucia Bricco, Gregoria Vrittia, Nicole Economides, Eva Isleifs, Eleanna Balesi, Eliana Otta, Maaike Stutterheim

Curating: Katerina Botsari

The present group show constitutes the final part of Katerina’s Botsari first experiment – Her research concerns among other things the potential conditions that art can confront with terrain vague.

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