Walkthrough of Our New Initiative!

Contemporary Art

As we recently announced, here on peri-Tēchnes, we have begun representing artists!

We have launched this initiative with four talented people with impressive exhibition and collection histories: Nicole Economides, Anthoula Lelekidis, Spyros Procopiou, and Despina Konstantinides. We will be featuring these artists individually as well, so stay tuned for updates!

These artists are fully aligned with our platform’s mission to bring you in closer contact with the market for Greek or Greek-inspired contemporary art. The works we share on peri-Tēchnes are created and sourced from both the United States and across Europe. Of course, we intend to grow this list and we are excited to keep you informed of all progress and additions as it happens.

As a result of this effort, the website format has changed, thanks to our talented CTO. On the top of the main page, where you normally read news, interviews, and artist reviews, you will see the usual tab “About.” “About” leads you to the page where you can learn more about the mission and the team as a whole. Next to this, now resides the tab “Artists.” Once you click on “Artists,” the website directs you to our page that features the four initial creatives we now represent.

The page allows you to scroll through the list, and see a preview of what is available for viewing. You may click on each artist and read a short introductory bio to learn more about them. You can return to the homepage by clicking on “News,” while you can follow our social media by clicking on the symbols on the top right corner.

Once in an individual artist’s page, by clicking on an individual work you can see it in greater detail. Occasionally, you can read more about it as well.

When we add more artists to our list, you will be able to also select the option to see all the artists in a grid, while still be able to see them in list-form as they are now. Each work has a section where you can leave your email and someone from our team will reach out to you in response to any questions or offers.

After an initial dialogue, we may also offer to bring you in contact with the artists themselves. This way, we aim to create a more approachable, and democratic way of making great art accessible to all. We see this as bridging the gap between artists and art collectors, whether aspiring or established, from all walks of life. We also aim to create a more transparent and hands-on space for artists to have their work represented.

As time progresses we aim to host time-sensitive exhibitions, initially online, of course. We are working on generating workshops and panels where you can learn more about the art shown and new initiatives!

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