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A short while ago we interviewed artist extraordinaire Darryl Smith on the platform. We had discussed his path in the arts, his work, and most importantly, his ties to antiquity. We were really happy to discover that the interview was a big success with you all, our readers, and so we wanted to share some exciting news!

In this post, we list three exhibitions where you can see more of Darryl’s work online as well as in-person for those of you in NYC. We will also share a live talk with the artist, where you will be able to hear him talk about his work, topics we brought up in our recent interview, and even more of course!

So let’s begin!

First and foremost:

The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art is hosting a virtual solo exhibition of Darryl’s work titled Ad manum, ad dorsum through November 19th. Here, we are excited to say that you’ll be able to see some of Darryl’s most recent work.


Three of Darryl’s pieces can also be viewed in the group exhibition Six Degrees of NYC hosted on Jargonist curated by Robyn Gibson.
Jargonist is an online art space run by Kristina Bivona as part of her art, curation, and teaching work.

On the occasion of this particular exhibition, Darryl will appear in an IG Live event where he will be in conversation with the curator of the exhibition, Robyn Gibson, on Tuesday, November 16 at 3:00 pm.
The talk will take place via the Jargonist’s IG page @jargonist_


Darryl’s works σπαραγμός ή Εις Πενθέα and Εις Σαρπήδονα will be featured in the group exhibition Silver at DFN Projects and Equity Gallery (located at 16 E 79th St in NYC) from November 18, 2021–January 7th, 2022.

Visit their website for the official announcement and the date and time of the opening reception.

All works by Darryl Babatunde Smith. Images Copyright of the artist.
Works seen:
To Ariadne (ad manum), To Aphrodite I (ad dorsum),To Sarpedon, Two Masks, To Orpheus

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