peri-Tēchnes, the online periodical, in collaboration with THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY, is calling for papers and/or visual essays where a writer is called to focus on the existing body of work/or upcoming project by a creative professional (artist, performers, playwrights, composers, etc)  whose work reflects on the notion of physis.

Physis as the encompassing notion of nature spanning from its pre-Socratic sense as νόμος, nomos, in Homeric Greek, as discussed among Stoics, in the Ionian School, by Plato in book 10 of Laws as well as by Aristotle.  He who has claimed that the physis is dependent on techne. This call is an invitation to approach the subject at hand through the routes of philosophy, mythology, and the pervasively nearly-exhausted notion of Anthropocene. What we are asking, is if we can reframe the cultural, economic and environmental crises that we face today within the ancient concepts of physis and tēchne, and most importantly phronesis. Phronesis, wisdom. This is especially true as it pertains to our understanding of what nature is and what technologies create in relation to this.

The papers selected will be a part of an on-going digital exhibition on the New-York based peri-Tēchnes online periodical, while selected pieces will be featured throughout 2020-2021 on THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY website and/or anthologies.

peri-Tēchnes is a website dedicated to interdisciplinary and cross-temporal art practices. Most importantly, it seeks to bring you in contact with the art scene in Greece in relation to the broader MENA geographical area and the work of incredible artists from across the seas. The editor, Tiffany Apostolou is a New York-based curator, writer, and consultant on matters of cross-temporal and interdisciplinary art practices.

Submission deadline EXTENDED TO: September1, 2020

Digital exhibition: Fall 2020

Email subject: Peri Physeōs PTTTS APPLICATION / FULLNAME / 2020

Application form can be downloaded here.

Please email us a single pdf file titled as follows:  1 & 2. FULLNAME_PTTTS_SUBMISSION_2020.PDF +  FULLNAME_PTTTS_IMAGELIST_2020.PDF​​​

Send to: and

Conditions of entry:
Creative professionals and writers on any nationality based in Greece.
Creative professionals and writers of Greek heritage residing anywhere in the world.
Creative professionals and writers with studies and practiced informed or imbedded in Greek philosophy, mythology, and/or Greek cultural studies.
Creative professional of all disciplines and industries. 

Submissions options:
1. A paper/project between 700 to 1500 words (without citations) + 2 to 6 images (with captions and credits)

2. Visual essay between 3 to 12 images (up to 250 words if needed) (please caption and credit accordingly)

3. Video/Sound art/music/performance works between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Images and documents:

  1. Please send documents in PDF format and images in JPEG form 300dpi. For video/sound art/music/performance submissions we only accept for reviewing purposes links with passwords.
    All images must be true to colour.

         Title, date, medium of each artwork submitted.
         Title and date of the paper submitted 

    2. Application form 

    3. Up-to-date CV of the author (max. 4 pages) and a 250 bio of the featured artist’s work

Submission guidelines:
1. All Peri Physeōs submissions should be in English.  

2. Fair use code should be implemented for all images and resources used.

3. All citations should appear at the end of the paper or project submitted for review and consideration. Please follow the Chicago manual of style.

4. Only papers presenting original and previously unpublished content will be accepted and considered.

5. The authors of the selected papers/projects will have to sign a release agreement form with both peri-Tēchnes and THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY upon the culmination of the selection process. The form will be emailed to the authors. All other submissions and contact information of the remaining applicants will not be saved in the records of peri-Tēchnes and/or THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY. peri-Tēchnes and THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY have no rights over the non-selected material.

6. Papers submitted will be thoroughly reviewed by the designated jury at a rate of three reviews or more per paper.

7. Staff, members and affiliates of both peri-Tēchnes and/or THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY are eligible to apply.

Peri Physeōs selection committee:
Georgia Kotretsos, Artist | Professional Spectator | Founder of THE TELOS SOCIETY, Greece
Tiffany Apostolou, Art Historian and Researcher | Editor of  peri-Tēchnes, United States
Stefano Masserini, Semiotics – Mass Media Research | Creative Director, Italy/Austria
Serkan Ozkaya, Artist, United States
Nicole Economides, Artist, United States
Mehul Sangham, Executive Director, Culture Hack Labs, South Africa/Canada/Costa Rica
Dimitrios Spyrou, Art Historian, Greece

All work submitted will be reviewed. Only the authors of selected paper/projects will be notified via email by the end of August 2020

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