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We are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition titled Spyros Procopiou: Foreign Bodies.

Spyros Procopiou: Foreign Bodies will be the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work and the first to take place in his home country, Cyprus. Tiffany Apostolou is the appointed curator, while The O Gallery in Larnaca, Cyprus will host the event this June.

The exhibition will host a number of new works created by the artist while living in New York and Los Angeles. To further democratize the process, the artist organized a Kickstarter campaign. Different pledges to the campaign allow for the acquisition of one of the artist’s works before the show opens. The artist will list everyone who pledges to the campaign in the acknowledgments section of the exhibition catalogue that we are designing.

Still of the artist working on one of the new canvas works.
Video courtesy and copyright of the artist.

In the artist’s own words:

Foreign Bodies is a body of work based on years of research about deformity, teratogenic forms, mutations, and ‘broken’ genes. It creates a conversation around the concepts of normality and diversity, and whatever that converts to within every individual. Through my art, I talk about memories, revelations, reminders, and acceptance. Acceptance of the different, acceptance of who we are, based on memories and revelations is central to my work. By extension, I also refer to minorities and anyone who feels “different,” or unique. I guess the story behind every art piece turns to a positive vibe, as we end up talking about everyone’s uniqueness—we are all different and that is the beauty of life.”

Stay tuned also, as the exhibition will be accompanied by live streaming events as well as a 3D walkthrough of the space.

Formal dates to be announced!

Edem​, 2021, charcoal, chalk, pencil, crayon, acrylic and water color on canvas, 52 x 60 in.
Image courtesy and copyright of the artist.

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