“BLACKNESS IS NOT SITE SPECIFIC: An interview with Anna Parisi” by Natalia Almonte

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The following interview is by our contributing writer and artist, Natalia Almonte with artist Anna Parisi. The two discuss a performance piece Caught in the Act, 2020 which was also recently screened at the closing of The Immigrant Artist Biennial which was done virtually this year.

Screenshot from the performance Caught in the Act, 2020. © Anna Parisi

The artist has made the video public and can be viewed here:

“Caught in the Act” from aluparisi on Vimeo.

Screenshot from the performance Caught in the Act, 2020. © Anna Parisi

Natalia Almonte is an artist born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Almonte’s practice questions the authority of language and the power of verbal manipulation, a reality faced by colonial entities that seldom dictate their own story and are subject to the mercy of the empire’s archives. She considers that the subjective testimonial reveals more about the true repercussions of our sociopolitical climate than “official” documentation. Her work has been shown in galleries such as Smack Mellon in New York City and ÁREA: Lugar de Proyectos in Puerto Rico. The artist has an upcoming solo exhibition in Das Schaufenster in Seattle, as well as 2021 residencies in Mexico and France. 

All photos and artwork courtesy of the artist.

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