#ArtinRooms: Our New Initiative!

Contemporary Art Home Design

Recently, we launched a new campaign via our Instagram platform called Art in Rooms. One of the most common things our team hears is how nervous people can get around selecting artwork, especially artwork that they can afford while still being meaningful and valuable, as well as concerns on how to integrate within their desired spaces.

As an independent online art platform we are committed to making art in general (regardless of our specialization) more approachable to everyone. You do not need to have an art degree or any experience to access and collect wonderful, high quality artwork created by professional and accomplished artists!

1. Artwork by Anthoula Lelekidis. Copyright of the artist. 2. Rug by Urban Outfitters 3. Jar lamp by Rejuvenation 4. Couch by West Elm 5. Handwoven basket to use as a planter found on Etsy 6. Mini Monstera plant found at your local florist!

We tapped into our community and created these two home design editorial graphics as an initial introduction to how art can complement and even enhance our home spaces!

1. Frame by Pottery Barn 2. Ink drawing by @theophanoslines 3. Jute rug by West Elm 4. Chair by Pottery Barn 5. Table by Ethan Allen 6. Basil plant found at your local florist! 7. Ethically sourced bamboo pendant light by OrientalBazar on Etsy.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more interior decor graphics demonstrating how to hang works whether framed or unframed, as well as videos and stories illustrating tips on how to create your very own gallery walls, how you can hang diverse artwork, old and new works, alongside photos and even objects to enhance the character of your space and reflect your personality.

We are also working on creating the opportunity to provide consulting services to anyone who should desire them directly through our platform, so stay tuned!

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