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We are pleased to announce that peri-Tēchnes is expanding!

While continuing to share art and cultural related news on our periodical-style platform, we will also begin representing selected artists.

We are adding an additional page to our website that will allow you to browse available works and read about the artists we represent and their projects you are viewing each time! The goal is to create an easily accessible platform that will also feel similar to going on virtual studio and gallery visits.

Any inquiries viewers have will be filtered through peri-Tēchnes which will serve as a connector between all aspiring collectors and the artists.

The artists we are excited to begin this new initiative are:

Anthoula Lelekidis
Despina Konstantinides
Nicole Economides and
Spyros Procopiou

In due course, as our website becomes more streamlined with the help of our wonderful tech expert, we will add to this list of truly wonderful and talented artists. On the periodical, in the meantime, the represented artists will be presented through articles and interviews allowing everyone to get an informed initial understanding of their work and any new projects they are working on.

On the occasion of this announcement, we are happy to also have Constantine Apostolou join as our CTO. Constantine will be the person behind the building of our website on both platforms: news and gallery!

From the series A Rosebush and Its Thorns, © Anthoula Lelekidis, 2020

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