Allure – Delicious and Profound

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Curated by Tiffany M. Apostolou
Works by Dae Young Kim and Rebecca Salmon
March 1 – 5, 2016
80WSE Galleries
80 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003
For a week, works by two budding artists were featured in Gallery #1 of 80WSE Galleries. The exhibition displayed a balance of works, both sculptural and flat, aiming to give the viewer a good sampling of the artists’ practices. What brought Rebecca and Dae Young together curatorially was their emphasis on a sense of alluring curiosity that calls the viewer to interact with their works each in their own distinct way:
Rebecca’s, by playing with the mind’s perception of what is real and not, and
Dae Young’s by toying with the human need to see what is partially hidden, or unclear.
The two artists merged their practices in what became the highlight of the exhibition, a collaborative piece placed on the sill of the gallery’s bay window, calling viewers to look at closely, and sit on!
The works were placed in the gallery in such a way that evoked the sense of a cave filled with unknown treasures ready to be discovered. It was crucial that the layout encourage a comfortable flow of guests facilitating deeply personal experiences of the same works.
To learn more about the artists and the curatorial process of bringing them together you may download the exhibition catalog here.
For pictures of the opening click here. The main image of the post was borrowed from here. Image of the collaborative piece is a personal snap.

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