Seedling 9 by Despina Konstantinides

Seedling 9

by Despina Konstantinides

oil on wood panel

Height 6.25 x Width 5.75 x Depth .75


Of Despina Konstantinides' works, Seedlings are of the smallest scale. They represent and function almost as studies for the artist's larger works, but maintain their own strength and allure in presence. Their title reflects the notion of an idea planted in the mind, that grows when left unobserved. The idea for them coincided with when she began studying and teaching Byzantine art. Konstantinides was drawn to the characteristic of icons representing the sacred while simultaneously depicting the mystical element embedded in the form.

Seedlings are intended to function as direct access to the existential space evoking something that exists within each person, and therefore existing in a liminal space. Like icons, they are transportable and some even use gold and metallic paints on roughly 6 x 6 inch wood panel.

Finally, when considering the accessibility of art through the market as it is formatted today, Konstantinides felt a calling to create works that are financially approachable to a wider audience.