For Anyone in Athens: Opening Tomorrow

For anyone in Athens, the exhibition Pinned, Stitched and Glitzed: Challenging the Gender Stereotype will open tomorrow at Art Appel Gallery. Curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos, this exhibition is a continuation of the original with the same title shown in New York in 2015. The exhibition will show meticulous textile works by nine artists of varying […]

Interview with Helene Pavlopoulou on Art, History, and Symbolism

Helene Pavlopoulou is an Athens-based artist whose work pushes the boundaries of traditional perceptions of painting. On Peri-Tecnes we love to explore work by artists who are redefining their primary medium. Pavlopoulou’s paintings create spaces where past and present commune in front of the eyes of the viewers, beckoning them to enter their fictive space. […]

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